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April 01, 2013


Jim Halpert

When I exercise I feel better but it hurts my body! I hate being a heavy person but don't have the motivation to stop the bad habits. Staying fit will help your golf game in shape. A lot of poeple spend too much money on their clubs but I buy my drivers at buycheapdrivers.com for less money and spend the money I saved on diet food and a gym membership. I've been doing this for years and the amount of money I've saved and weight I've lost is great. I feel fantastic and try to work out everyday now. I love reading these blogs about fitness it really motivates me, thank you for helping those of us like myself who are heavier than average!

Golf Retirement Communities

Thanks for the excellent golf fitness info. Nicely presented!

Callaway EF IQ

very nice !
keep it up !


Great tips. I look forward to trying them out this weekend.

Truth About Abs

Golf is just flat out a GREAT core exercise. Even though I'm not very good at it, I strive to get better because I know how beneficial it is to overall core flexibility and strength. Thanks for helping.

Epione, Cosmetic surgery videos

Health is very important factor to be a good player of golf, infact fitness is necessary not only in this field, in every game it policed to the player. hope these tips motivates to others along with me. Thanks...

Mitch Davis (aka www.golfgriptips.org)

Great tips. I've been looking for blogs on the internet with this information.

I've been preaching fitness for golf for years, glad to see you doing the same.

way to go!

Gary The Golf Nut

Great information! Tiger Woods is a good example of someone that works out to improve their golf game.

Julie Eley

Hi Dave:

I appreciate the basis of your blog "Better Golf With Fitness", as well as your articles on posture, upper body mobility, injury inducement and balance.

Your site and articles are very well done, and having a back pain informational blog, I appreciate the depth of information and explanations you give on the issues. People don't realize how important good posture is in anything including golf, as well as importance of fitness, mobility and body balance. I applaud your well thought out information and easy to understand explanations of biomechanics, proper vs improper, images, videos, etc.

Well done. :)


Blue Ridge Mountain Real Estate

Thanks Anthony and hope to learn more from this blog. More power!


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