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April 01, 2013



thanks for the tips. you've helped my game


Great. Glad the site helps you. There are over 140 articles on my other site, www.GolfFitnessProducts.net as well

steven davies

Ofcourse fitness help to develop your skills in every game.But my game is golf ,so I will listen your advice:)

GolfSpy X

Great articles...very informative stuff.


Man, I know how important it is to be fit not only for health but it sure helps your golf swing. I just wish I knew how to motivate myself to get up off my butt and do something. When I do excercise I feel better but I hate it! I hate being overweight too but dont have the motivation to stop the bad habits. And being the lowcarb golfer I am supposed to set an example. Any advice?

Burn The Fat With Rika Susan

Anthony, what a great resource you have here. I enjoyed looking around and reading all your stuff. Some useful tips and advice.

With regards to the comment by Dick: If you can only motivate yourself to stay with it for a week or two, you will be cultivating a new habit. Before you know it, it will be part of your daily routine and no hardship at all. In fact, you will miss your training if you don't do it. Go for one day at a time. Anyone can do something for one day...


Great site! I have bben surfing the net loking for good websites and bolgs to help get an idea of what people are doing! Good work and great information!


Mick's Free Golf Tips

You have a great blog and site dealing with golf fitness. It amazes me how many golfers don't consider the importance of golf fitness and working on their golf specific muscles.

I can tell you, when I was in the army, I was really fit and strong and I was playing the best golf of my life. Now, 20 years later, I think I will have to get back in the habit of exercising for golf!

But for the youngsters - there is no excuse!


Peter (Discounted Golf Equipment)

fitness is a major factor in being a good golfer. see tiger woods. golf can also be a good motivatier in getting people to workout and stay healthy. staying fit will help your golf game. keep up the good work with all your great fitness tips.

james burney

A great blog with some fantastic information. This is a real inspiration and has helped me loads.

I myself have just got into writing blogs and would appreciate any advice in terms of content and blog layout etc.
Any feedback would be good so don't pull back on the punches as feedback is the breakfast of champs so they say.


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